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In support of the first Annual International Day of Women in Statistics and Data Science, Significance is planning a special October 2022 issue which will: (i) showcase the statistical ideas, projects, careers and perspectives of women working in the fields of statistics and data science, and (ii) discuss social and statistical issues concerning the collection and analysis of sex and gender data.

Guest editors Altea Lorenzo-Arribas and Sandra Alba invite contributions under these two themes:

Women in statistics and data science

  • Accessible overviews of new or recently published methodology papers by women statisticians and data scientists, with a focus on real-world applications.
  • Profiles of women statisticians and data scientists (current and historical), with a focus on careers, projects, and notable contributions.
  • Insights and perspectives on issues of professional relevance, such as:
    • education, training, and development
    • representation and visibility
    • statistical communication and public engagement.
  • Reviews of recent books by women statisticians and data scientists.

Sex and gender-related issues in science and society

  • Statistical perspectives on discussions in mainstream media on sex and gender inequities, for example:
    • gender pay gaps
    • differential diagnoses of health problems
    • algorithmic fairness
  • Overviews of initiatives, tools, and methods or case-studies which address issues such as:
    • sex and gender data gaps
    • measurement of sex and gender inequality and inequities
  • Interviews/Q&As on sex and gender data issues.

Advice on writing for Significance: articles must be accessible and engaging to a general audience, including non-experts. This means technical terms and mathematics must be kept to a minimum and explained clearly where used. For further advice, see our Notes for Contributors.

How to submit: send a brief outline of the scope and structure of the proposed article, including key takeaways for readers, to Submissions must be in MS Word or OpenOffice format. This call for contributions is open to all.

Key dates:

  • Proposals to be submitted by: 28 March
  • Invitations issued by: 8 April
  • Draft articles to be submitted by: 30 May
  • Final drafts to be submitted by: 25 July