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As Significance editor Brian Tarran moves on after eight years and 47 issues, there’s a new face at the top of the masthead. Anna Britten joins Significance after two decades in journalism and magazine editing, having started out as a music critic. In our June issue Q&A, Anna tells us more about her experiences and interests.

Welcome to Significance! What brought you this way? 

Thank you, I’m honoured and excited to be here. I’ve been a journalist and editor for over 20 years. I started my career writing about music (one highlight was interviewing the late, lamented Amy Winehouse), but quickly branched out and have since been involved in almost every topic, and type of publication, you could think of. Most recently, I was working on publications for the education sector, which brought me into contact with a large number of academics and policy types, and I enjoyed covering issues that had such a massive impact on society. So when the opportunity to edit Significance came along, I leapt at it and was very grateful to be brought on board.

What is it about magazines that you enjoy so much?

Many things. Chiefly, the fact that magazines are for specific communities and foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among readers. Right from when I was a child reading my favourite comic, up to reading specialist professional publications as an adult, that sense of a “club” still delights me. I really enjoy getting to know readers and the worlds they live in, and providing them with plenty to inform and entertain whether they’re reading on the train, in the bath, or during a coffee break while at work.