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Past winners and finalists of the Significance/YSS writing competition

By January 10, 2019June 16th, 2023No Comments

If you are thinking of entering our annual writing competition for early-career statisticians, we recommend you read articles from past winners and finalists to get a sense of the style of writing and storytelling that judges are looking for.

Below is a list of published articles from previous years’ competitions.


Winner: Pietro the weather tortoise and the pursuit of soggy bun prevention by Conner Jackson

Finalist: Are professors and football stars just lucky? by Anna Beukenhorst

Finalist: We’re not getting any younger! Or should that be “older”? by Nicola Rennie


Winner: Primum non nocere (First, do no harm) by Maria Ibrahim


Winner: The flying bomb and the actuary by Liam P. Shaw and Luke F. Shaw


Winner: Cooking up statistics: The science and the art by Letisha Smith

Finalist: Preventing cancer: mere rhetoric or a promising plan? by Mats Julius Stensrud and Morten Valberg


Winner: We, the millennials: The statistical significance of political significance by Kevin Lin

Finalist: The Promise: When truth overshadows power by Levon Demirdjian

Finalist: A time to kill: Great British serial killers by Charlotte Moragh Jones-Todd


Winner: The frequency of “America” in America by Adam B. Kashlak

Finalist: Queen Elizabeth II – an extreme event monarch? by Anastasia Frantsuzova


Winner: Warren Buffett: Oracle or orang‐utan? by James Skeffington

Finalist: The Great British Bayes-off: How much difference (statistically) does a soggy bottom make? by Annie Herbert

Finalist: The joy of clustering by Samantha Tyner


Winner: Does New York City really have as many rats as people? by Jonathan Auerbach

Finalist: Does Christmas really come earlier every year? by Nathan Cunningham

Finalist: Do NHS records reflect patient ethnicity? by Katie Saunders


Winners: GUESTimation: Breaking the deadlock on wedding guest lists by Damjan Vukcevic

Finalist: Uncertainties in climate models: Living with uncertainty in an uncertain world by Lindsay Lee


Winner: What’s the point of a point estimate?: Why statistics lectures confuse students by Danielle Morris

Finalist: Listening to uncertainty: Information that sings by Ethan Brown and Nick Bearman

Finalist: Side‐effects in antidepressants: The drug or the disease? by Linda Wijlaars

Finalist: What Petri dishes have to do with your research by Douglas VanDerweken


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