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Statistics plays a role in all walks of life – including literature. So, for our end-of-year issue, we want to celebrate 2014’s best books about (or involving) statistics. We’re looking for Significance readers to nominate their favourites and to explain – in 100 words or less – why they’d recommend the book.
The submission criteria is fairly broad, and deliberately so: it can be any book, published in hardback or paperback after 1 October 2013, that has a statistical aspect to it. 
Statistics textbooks and how-to guides are included in that definition, obviously. But we want to go beyond that to feature books that use statistics to support and inform their stories, or those that discuss statistical ideas in an entertaining and accessible manner.
To make a nomination, either submit it as a comment to this article or email with the subject line ‘Books of the Year’. Nominations must be received by 10 October 2014 to be considered for publication in our December issue.

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